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1/1 workshop is a design practice founded on the principles of exploration and experience at the juncture of art, architecture and design. We believe that a thoughtful process, one that integrates research, contextual response, creative collaboration, and refined craft, lends itself to meaningful and memorable work.

Our ethos is reflected in our name and our methodology of practice. 1/1 is a concept that originated with our small scale objects, each of which is designed and crafted by hand. This process innately produces unique pieces which are defined by their circumstance. We have expanded this idea to encompass built spaces, our relationships with clients and our practice as a whole. We celebrate the particulars, the distinctions embodied within each narrative.
Each project presents a new creative challenge. We see this as an opportunity to learn and to continue to evolve. All creative solutions in our workshop are thus limited editions. This method mandates that we as designers continue to explore and develop new ideas to share with the world. 

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